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Welcome to Chanelle Medical

Our vision is to be first in providing our customers with high quality, competitively priced generic pharmaceutical products and services to a world market. Our innovative and highly skilled workforce whose development we are committed to are vital to the achievement of our vision.

The Chanelle Group is a group of companies involved in the development, manufacture and distribution of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals and related services. The group is headquartered in Co. Galway, Ireland, where its principal operations are based. Chanelle Medical has offices in Paris, UK and Jordan. The group was founded in 1983 by Michael H. Burke and has expanded and developed significantly since then.

Chanelle Medical has two main strategies;

  1. Develop, Register and Out-License generic registration dossiers which are developed and compiled in-house.
  2. Contract manufacture and package various different pharmaceutical forms including tablets, capsules, liquids, powders and capsules, capacity to manufacture up to two billion tablets and three billion capsules per annum. With vast experience in Technical Transfer and Product launch, we have handled up to 298 liveries in one product launch, all launching on time on the same day.

By constantly monitoring our performance using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) we are confident in delivering the best service to all our customers. Our stringent quality standards mean that we are recognised as one of the leading outsource providers in the pharmaceutical industry. Our aim to deliver product on time every time is achieved by combining the highest operating standards with the most sophisticated equipment in the hands of some of the most skilled people in the industry.

Licensed by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) as a manufacturer of Human Medicines, we are fully European Approved. Furthermore, as a result of customer audits we are an approved supplier to many major international pharmaceutical companies.

Quality and competitively priced generic pharmaceutical products Innovative and highly skilled workforce